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Riverside County

Number of species recorded: 472 (ABA), 462 (NIB)


Top Listers


*Number estimated

ABA=All birds considered countable by the ABA and appearing on the official state list published by the CBRC.

NIB=Only birds appearing on the official CBRC state list excluding the 11 introduced species (No Introduced Birds).


Top Big Years


  1. 311        2015         Julie Szabo

  2. 306        1990         Bob McKernan

  3. 302        2016         Julie Szabo

  4. 301        2011         Howard King


Top Big Days


  1. 199        26 Apr 2003              Todd Easterla, Steve Rovell, John Sterling, Scott Terrill

  2. 174        29 Apr 1990              Ed LaRue, Chet McGaugh, Bob McKernan, Steve Myers

  3. 166        28 Apr 2001              Dave Goodward, Sandy Koonce, Chet McGaugh

  4. 161        18 Apr 2015              David Rankin, Ninad Thakoor

  5. 153        29 Apr 1990              Andrew Howe, Vernon Howe



Top Ten Birds (by Howard King)


1.     Common Swift, 30 Oct 2013, near Desert Center

        This certainly wasn't on anyone's list of expected birds. Another one anywhere in North America would be amazing

2.     Common Snipe, 11 Dec 2011, San Jacinto Wildlife Area

        The difficulty of identification plus this bird’s rarity makes a follow up appearance unlikely. Having the two rarest birds being                  "Common" was too good to pass up.

3.     Marsh Sandpiper, 26 Oct 2013, Mecca

        If not for an additional sighting of this species in the state, this would have been in the top two.

4.     Wedge-tailed Shearwater, 31 Jul 1988, Salton Sea (Whitewater)

        Another record unlikely to be repeated, and with access to the Whitewater River Delta being as it is, no one is likely to be there if         another ever shows.

5.     Spotted Redshank, 30 Apr-6 May 1983, Salton Sea (Whitewater)

        All state records occurred in a six year period 1983-1989. Apparently it’s in bad shape on its nesting areas.

6.     American Oystercatcher, 20-30 Aug 1977, Salton Sea (Salt Creek)

        This singular inland record seems doubtful to be repeated.

7.     Garganey, 21 Mar-4 Apr 1979, Lake Elsinore

        The Asian population has apparently plummeted. Another one may never occur.

8.     Buller's Shearwater, 6 Aug 1966, Salton Sea (Whitewater)

        Another remarkable record at the Whitewater River Delta. Again lack of access renders its detection unlikely if it ever occurs                 again.

9.     Great Black-backed Gull, 1-5 May 2013, Salton Sea

         First state record but seems likely to reoccur as they have become fairly regular into Colorado.

10.   Gyrfalcon, 15 Jan-9 Mar 2012, San Jacinto Wildlife Area

        When told about the discovery of a huge falcon this species never crossed my mind. I wouldn't hold out much hope for a second          one.



Chet McGaugh

  1. Cave Swallow

  2. Arctic Loon

  3. Slaty-backed Gull

  4. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

  5. Great-crested Flycatcher

  Bonus:  Purple Gallinule



  1. Curtis Marantz

  2. Guy McCaskie

  3. Chet McGaugh

  4. Gene Cardiff

  5. Vernon Howe

  6. Tom Benson

  7. Andrew Howe

  8. Howard King

  9. Brian Daniels

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